Finally discovered how I have to use the script.
Did some debugging of the profiles_tdi.xml file in the TDISOL
directory with TDI.

Found out that the file had to contain the
following syntax.

$dn:CN=Marco Ensing,OU=EOF,O=EOG.
uid:Marco Ensing

( To delete multiple persons use a dot after every entry

$dn:CN=Marco Ensing,OU=EOF,O=EOG.
uid:Marco Ensing
$dn:CN=Pietje Puk,OU=EOF,O=EOG.
uid:Pietje Puk


Also found out how to use the command. Before I couldn’t
get this script to work properly. I got stuck when I wanted to delete people
from the profiles database, the sync command didn’t work for me and I didn’t
had a clue how to use the script.

If I wanted to add users to Profiles I had to use the and scripts.

To use the properly configure the parameters in the
file as follow.


Now the script will take care of deleting people in Profiles
which no longer exist in the LDAP directory. And it will add people, new
in the LDAP directory, to the Profiles database.

( We are using Domino 8.5 as our LDAP directory )

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  1. Remco Angioni says:

    You’re the best, thank you for this tip.

  2. Duane says:

    What is the largest number of LDAP users that you tried synchronizing? I have over 40,000 and have issues with the sync command. Any insights?

  3. Marco Ensing says:

    Hello Duane,

    Don’t think I can give you advice on the issues
    you have with that numbers of entries.

    The highest number I did successfully is 500 users.

    Maybe you have to search for limits in WAS our Connections?
    That one of both cannot cope with that many users?


  4. Edgar de Graaff says:

    Hey Marco, what’s up!

    2 things to keep in mind:

    – Make sure does not end with a newline at the end
    – When using a pilot environment, dn should look like:

    $dn:uid=Edgar de Graaff,o=defaultWIMFileBasedRealm

  5. admin says:

    He Eddy, thanks for this addition.

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