Upgrade Lotus Connections to fix pack 2.0.1

A while ago I posted my steps to upgrade DB2 from fix pack 4
to fix pack level 5. As this is an requirement for installing the
Lotus Connections 2.0.1 update.

Finally found some time to upgrade the Lotus Connections setup
at our company. I needed some more planning because our Connections
environment is used more and more by my colleagues at e-office.
What of course is a good cause, away from the Notes databases
up to Lotus Connections :-).

In my post for upgrading DB2 to fix pack level 5, I assumed that in case
of an upgrade you had to use the full install package of LC 2.0.1  ( C1L0ZML ).

But after reading the post from Luis Benitez about upgrading to LC 2.0.1
I found out that you will have to use other software packages in case
of an upgrade.

– C1L12ML
– Fix LC 2.0.1 + LotusConnectionsUpdateInstaller 2.0.1 + latest iFixes for 2.0.1

Check the PDF doc. for how I got my hands on this software.

Here is the PDF with the steps I took to upgrade our Connections setup
from LC 2.0 fixpack 1 to LC 2.0.1 + all required iFixes for LC 2.0.1.


One important note for the upgraders is that the upgrade will
overwrite a number of your files in the LotusConnections-Config directory.

Below are the files that changed in my upgrade situation, they
will need some re-configuring after the upgrade.

FILE notification-config.xml
// Overwrites the e-mail addresses configured on whose be halve
// notification mails are sent
FILE profiles-config.xml
// Thing configured like additional profile fields, Sametime awareness,
// first name search are overwritten. Also things like edited labels in
// the property files are overwritten during the update process.
FILE LotusConnections-config.xml
// This files seems to be left intact, all of my entered URLS where kept.

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One Response to Upgrade Lotus Connections to fix pack 2.0.1

  1. Luis Benitez says:

    Great stuff !! Thanks for sharing and I specially liked the PDF with all the steps explained! 🙂

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