Image resizing in Blogs

The default behavior for images used in Blog post is to be scaled down to a
maximum of 350px, both width and height, aspect ratio is kept.

This is not really handy for screenshots that are posted on Blogs.

Thanks to the reply of Chris Whisonant at the Lotus Connections forum
I learned how to configure this behavior.

Made some extra edits so that scaled down images are clickable and a
full version of the image opens in a new window when you click on it.

Tested it with Firefox and IE

Changed the code in the file _day.vm as follow.

/opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/AppSrv01/installedApps/localhostNode01Cell/Blogs.ear/blogs.war/themes/blog # vi _day.vm

function openImage(item)

dojo.query(‘.entryContentContainer img’).forEach(

if( != undefined && != undefined && == “100%”)
if (item.width > 400) {
item.height = item.height * (400/item.width);
item.width = 400;

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