LDAP benchmark tools

Currently I’m busy setting up Connections for a customer who is
active across the whole world.

Connections has to be set-up to use all LDAP domain servers in use, one
located in the North-America region, one located in the Asian Pacific
region and one located in Europe.

To give myself some more info about the request times looking
up users takes, I found these handy LDAP benchmark tools.

They will show you the time taken to lookup users in the LDAP.
Good info to know to see how much time it takes to lookup users located
in the LDAP domain server that’s located on the other end of the world.

This is one with a GUI, simple to use, not to advanced


Command line one, not simple in its usage, and for my taste to advanced :-).


Be sure to set these attributes in the directorymark config file

 STATDIR:Results\                          #  Be sure this dir exists.

 #For the first time running and to test if everything works out
 #I would suggest to change the following attribute as follows


 # and enable these two attributes to get as much detailed results as possible

FILE client1.script

Then running the directorymark.exe will give you a output similiar like below

C:\DirectoryMark1.3-Bin-Win2k>DirectoryMark.exe config.conf2

Running Script client1.script0
bind as root: ‘CN=WebSphereLCbind,CN=Users,DC=globalcorp,DC=net’, password ‘doyouneedtoknowit’
t00: ldap_search_st returned 0x00, time:     2 ms, numentries:  1, args: 3301328
, dc=ap,DC=leaseplancorp,DC=net, 2, (&(sAMAccountName=dillm)(objectclass=user)),
 NULL, 1
Thread 0, Done with transactions
thread 0 complete
all threads complete
all children completed

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