Configure rights Connections parts with wsadmin

Below a script you can use to set the rights for every part of Connections correctly.

Handy to fix the rights after you have done an upgrade.

 appName = ‘Activities’
 lcsearchadmin=’LCdev admin’
 lcadmin=’LCdev admin’

 AdminApp.edit(appName, ‘[ -MapRolesToUsers [ [“person” no yes “” “”] [“everyone” yes no “” “”] [“reader” no
 yes “” “”] [“search-admin” no no “‘+lcsearchadmin+'” “”]  [“widget-admin” no no “‘+lcadmin+'” “” ] ] ]’)
 print “done…. Configuring rights Activities EAR”

Run it as follow.

./ -lang jython -port 8880 -username wasadmin -password udontneedtoknowthispunk -f ./wsadmin_scripts/

To do it for the other parts just change the appName var, be aware
that the roles between all the Connections parts differ. The Homepage
part for example doesn’t has the search-admin role.

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