Mapping groups to a role in Lotus Connections

I tried to figure out how I could map a group to
a role as used by the Lotus Connections apps.

It would be handy if I could create a group like blogadmins
which contains all the people which require admin
privileges on Blogs.

But unfortunately you can’t map groups to a role as used by
Connections, yeah you can but it won’t work.

Because I can’t map a group to a role I need
to add every user individual.

I want this action to be scripted so I was looking how this could be
done. The trick was the separator which needs to be a “|”.

So check the script below.

appName = ‘Blogs’
lcsearchadmin=’LCdev admin’
blogadmins=’LCdev admin|Donald Duck|Dagobert Duck|Mickey Mouse’
lcadmin=’LCdev admin’

AdminApp.edit(appName, ‘[ -MapRolesToUsers [ [“person” no yes “” “”] [“everyone” yes no “” “”] [“reader” no yes “” “”] [“search-admin” no no “‘+lcsearchadmin+'” “” ] [ “admin” no no “‘+blogadmins+'” “” ]  [“widget-admin” no no “‘+lcadmin+'” “” ] ] ]’)
print “done…. Configuring rights Blogs EAR”

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