Lotus Connections 2.5 Fixpack2 a.ka. LC2502

A couple of weeks ago Fixpack 2 for Connections 2.5 was released.

Mitch Cohen is alway one of the first to bring the good news to the
world check his blog entry for the important links.


But as an addition to this information I would like to share
my experience installing this update.

When you read through the update guide you will bump into iFix
which is an update for the TDISOL config directory as
used by Tivoli Directory Integrator.

This is an mandatory fix, and although English is not my primary
language this means “required”, Google translate is my friend :-).

Before getting to the upgrade process of Fixpack 2 I first wanted
to install this iFix. The first problem was that it was mentioned
in the documentation but wasn’t available yet at Fixcentral.
After it was released the Technote was not available. So again
waiting for this to complete, a few days later the technote was
updated and a installation instruction were available.

Unfortunate the instructions where far from complete, the iFix
itself is just a new version of the TDISOL directory. The instructions
are somewhat similair as in the InfoCenter for setting up a initial
TDISOL config directory.

There are no instructions for how you have to copy/migratie
your old property files to the new TDISOL config directory.
You can’t just copy your old property files because the syntax
used is different and there are some new options.

In my current TDISOL config dir. I made edits to the following
three files.

– profiles_functions.js
– profiles_tdi.properties.

To get the correct information from my profiles_tdi.properties
and combine this with the new options from the profiles_tdi.properties
from LO5287 I jused sdiff.
With sdiff you can merge two files in an interactive mode and save
the outcome in a new file so you will have the best from both worlds :-p.

#sdiff -o profiles_tdi.properties profiles_tdiOLD.properties profiles_tdiLO5287.properties

For profiles_functions.js I just copied my self written functions.
And to migratie the file map_dbrepos_from_source.properties I just
placed both files next to each other and created my own new version.

That concludes the fun I had with LO52087. I filled in the “Rate this
page” section of the technote to do some more then just
throwing mud at the walls of big blue.

Next thing to do was to really apply Fixpack 2.
Starting from the third point 🙂 the Installation instructions are
documented very good.  Except the point what time frame you
have to keep in mind when installing this Fixpack. Because what
the UpdateInstaller does when installing Fixpack 2 is uninstalling
all iFixes applied after Fixpack 1.

( Probaly all applied after Fixpack 1, but I don’t know this for sure ).

As an overactive Connections administrator I applied all
iFixes until 13 may 2010. Which then brought me a very long
upgrade process which took twelve hours, only waiting for the installer
to finish. Only installing the Fixpack will take you like twenty minutes.
Post installation tasks can be done in an hour.
( note, time needed is of course related to used hardware )

This all disappointed me a bit, cause I thought yeah a Fixpack no
need to wait such a long time for applying al these iFixes one
by one Unfortunately the truth is some what difference under
certain circumstances.

This upgrade fact is certain something to keep in my mind
when you want to upgrade a production cluster deployment
with a lot of iFixes applied.

“The update installer does not currently support 24×7
updates. You must apply the updates at a time when
no one is logged into the product.
See PreparingLotus Connections for maintenance
for more information.”

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