Lotus Connections 3.0.1 on Lotus Greenhouse.

A few days ago the guys of Lotus Greenhouse applied fixpack 3.0.1 for Lotus Connections
besides it fixes a thing or two ( what else should a fixpack do ? 🙂 ) it also introduces
some new features.

One of the fixes that is included in this fixpack is LO59430, the Forms tag widget issue.


Haven’t heard any exact date yet when the fixpack will be public available but picked up
some rumors that they were aiming for the end of April. No official information is released
by IBM yet about what the exact things that are fixed and what all the new features are.

Found this Blog item from a Swedish IBM Business partner ( Infoware Solutions ) with
some more details about the things you get when you install Lotus Connections
fixpack 3.0.1.


Besides some details about the LC301 fixpack it also lists some features that are expected
to be available in LC40, you will love that code name, Lotus Connections NextNext.

But further with the new features that are known and with which you can play on GreenHouse.

One of the coolest new features I think is that you can add a Media Gallery widget to a Community.
Within in this Media Gallery you can upload images which will be displayed as thumbnails.

Besides images you can also upload video files which you then can play on the fly with the
built-in flash player. Unfortunate it’s limited to a few formats ( *.mp4 , *.flv and *.mov ) if
you try to upload a movie in the *.avi format it will give you an error that the format
isn’t supported.

The check is only based on the extension of the file not the mime type. If you rename
a *.avi file to *.mp4 and you try to play it it gives you a codec error. That not
all formats are supported probably has something to do with license costs for the codecs.

The storing of the media files you upload works the way you expect it to work. You upload
media files inside the Media Gallery widget and they will then also be available as a
downloadable file inside the Files part.

Another new feature that is introduced is the Idea Blog, not to funky, it is a new type of Blog
entry you can create with a vote button inside the Blog entry.

As a technical guy I’m very interested how to cope with the impact that video files can have
on the system, uploading big video files and multiple streamings against a WebSphere server.

A lot of technical challenges to discuss but first wait until IBM releases the fixpack.

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