Change the language of Profile network invitation mails

In a LC environment used by users with different locales set we got feedback
that they couldn’t understand certain mails sent by colleagues.

“Unlike the other IBM® Lotus® Connections features, for Profiles, the language
preference for notifications is not dynamically updated when a user logs in.
If user language preferences are not present in their profile, the notification
is sent in the language of the sender’s browser locale.”

After futher investigating we saw that it was about network invitation mails.
As the statement at the top is from LC25 it is still is valid for LC30 as well.
Only for Profiles goes that the locale of the user isn’t saved in the database.

This way Profiles network invitation mails are sent in the locale of the sender.

This can create the following situation; a user which his browser locale set Dutch
invites a Finish colleague, the Finish colleague will see this network invitation
mail in the Dutch language.

To prevent this situation from happening we decided to force the language of Profiles
to be set to English. The language change goes only for the global part of the mail
the default custom message stays in the sender locale. 

We did this as follows.

We applied the following edits so all network invitation mails are sent in the English language.

Edit profiles_functions.js and add the following function.

function func_setpreferredLang(fieldname) {
 result = ‘en_US’
 return result;

Edit and change the following line.


Both files can be found in the TDISOL directory.

To apply the changes run the ./ script.

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