Debug XRDP

While working on setting up my new Strato VPS server I got stuck getting
XRDP to work correctly.

XRDP is a remote desktop server which you can install on Unix like servers.

In my opinion the biggest benefit of this program is, in comparison to something
like VNC, is that you are able to remotely connect to a graphical environment on
your Linux server with any Microsoft based client without the need to install
extra software.

By default Stratos gives you a very basic installation of the Linux OS, that is
if openSuSe is your choice.

There was no package availabe in Yast for XRDP so I took the source from and compiled it myself.  Before running make check with
Yast if the openssl and pam development libs are installed.

After a successful installation and starting I was able to
connect with rdesktop to my Linux server on port 3389. RDesktop – RDP client for Linux

Authentication went fine but after that it got stuck and the login
process halted.

In the sesman.log file I didn’t found any hint pointing to the cause.

Googling I came to some handy debug options for xrdp and sesman.
./xrdp -nodaemon

./sesman -n

With the give parameters both programs will not be brought to be background
and all output is written to the console.

Looking at the debug information of sesman I saw that some X11
libs were missing. Installed the missing part with Yast and I was able to login per rdp.

Old skool X11 session with FVVM2 as the Window manager.
No bloated KDE or GNOME on my Linux server.
You can configure the Window manager to start in the bash script
in the XRDP installation folder, by default that is /usr/local/xrdp/.

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